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The real estate industry, which has been slow to electrify, is racing to avoid disintermediation, which is an economics term being bandied around to describe how professional services such as real estate can be delivered without people. At the same time, technologists are racing to give consumers more tools, which inherently will make the middle man less relevant.

The end game is clear; there will be a certain amount of disintermediation. How much is unclear.

In some fundamental ways, the real estate industry is making it happen. Take the publishing of property listings on the World Wide Web.

In the last year it is estimated that 40 percent of all home listings have been put up on the Internet, a remarkable statistic considering just nine months ago it was probably less than 1 percent. Now buyers will begin to go directly to the selling agent after finding properties on the Web Valuation should performed by only expert one to get better results from.

Next to erode the role of the real estate middle man will be virtual walkthroughs of homes and buildings. And the electronic property closing is the next step in wiping out hordes of service experts who now process paper.

The industry sometimes seems Where to Find Commercial Property Valuation Company confused by this trend. Wholesale lenders who are looking at going directly to the Web to make mortgages are nervous about offending mortgage brokers. And title companies and escrow firms rely heavily on the Realtor network and avoid the consumer, even though electronic closings are certain to change that relationship.

In the middle of the Realtor convention, Wolff’s comment was probably a wise thing to say at the time but that tact could be a slippery slope when the disintermediation movement gains momentum – particularly when Real Select competitors are committed to only one objective, value to the consumer.

Of course, there is a transition period and the real estate transaction won’t be turned upside down overnight. But it is changing quickly and those companies that transform themselves to fit the consumer future will probably last the longest.

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Property Perth Property Valuers is performed to do the full valuation of the property and find the necessary points which will help in estimating the approximate price of that property. It is planned to build out the Park over the next five to six years on a pre-let and pro-sold basis to meet the rising demand for high quality national and regional HQ office space in locations with convenient access to London, the South East the Midlands and also to key commercial centres across Europe.

Various steps are performed to do the property valuation process and all that steps are difficult and has the complex attachment to do the full property valuation process. The joint venture has been formed following Pillar exchanging contracts to purchase the 40 acre site in March this year subject to the renewal of planning consent for B1 high grade business park buildings.

By doing the valuation process taking help from the experienced property valuer will add benefit in the process and you will be easily known with the house price. And by knowing your house price you will be able to make your important decisions like selling the house or making it more worth for selling purpose. With the planning consent now renewed the joint venture has completed the acquisition of the site for £9.5 million from a consortium of Banks led by Den norske.

Capability Green Business Park is located just outside Luton within half a mile of the mainline Luton Parkway Station, currently being developed to service the growing business needs of Luton airport. Trains from Luton run at the rate of six an hour to London and also operate fast services to Gatwick Airport and the Midlands.

The business park is located alongside the M1 and is approximately 10 miles from the M25 giving fast road access to the Midlands, London and the South East. In addition, Capability Green has a major benefit of being only 10 minutes away from Luton airport which is currently experiencing rapid expansion as an important business terminal for scheduled flights to many key commercial centres across Europe.

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The origins of words like DOS, Web and connectivity can be traced to various tech pioneers but they were airlifted into the popular vernacular through mega-media events like this week’s Comdex show.

Coming in various sizes, a PDA is a miniature computer that can be held in the palm of the hand, dropped into a shirt pocket or carried in a purse. Some are designed to resemble a telephone and others are deliberately crafted to look like a tiny computer. Some use an electronic pen for pointing and clicking, while others have miniature keyboards. Some of the wildest versions include a head-set complete with a tiny monitor affixed over the right eye.

The retail market is also becoming increasingly patchy and is expected to remain so in the short term. In the retail segment, many international companies are planning to erect headquarters in Shanghai while local companies are also actively seeking for retail space. valuation of Commercial Property The sluggish global economic climate has caused a moderation in Hong Hong Hong Hong Hong Kong’s Kong’s Kong’s Kong’s Kong’s growth. The slowdown is impacting on the overall property market as evidenced by the drop in the number of transactions for all sectors. Mumbai’s Mumbai’s Mumbai’s Mumbai’s Mumbai’s GDP has been revised downwards from 6.5% to 5.3% in 2001 to 2002 due to recessionary trends in the country

The news this week at Comdex is how is real estate valuation done the potential for Web access and improved graphical interfaces for the PDAs. This would give the portable technology a big boost and guarantee a growing group of early adopters of the tool. it offers a standard-looking Windows interface with tool bars, a recycle bin and “pocket programs” such as Microsoft Pocket Word and Microsoft Pocket Excel.

the shadow of the ongoing war. Rentals are likely to remain stable with yields varying between 5% to 8%. Land from unoperational mills form a considerable amount of land supply in the Central Mumbai area. Expansion and relocation of Indonesian-based companies in finance, insurance and business services resulted in a slight increase in the occupancy rates of CBD office space.

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Following the recent terrorist attack in US and security measures adopted by European and US expatriates, demand for apartment accommodation is likely to decrease. The occupancy rates of purposed-built office buildings in the Golden Triangle and the whole of CBD dipped marginally while rentals saw a greater reduction of 7% to 9% from the previous quarter.

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The weakening manufacturing sector will result in a drop in demand for industrial space. The Australian economy has recovered strongly since early 2001 but the worsening global economic and political climate is expected to curtail any further improvement Online Property Valuation GDP growth of 0.9% was recorded in the June quarter, which on an annualised basis indicates that the economy has returned to a 3.5% – 4% underlying growth rate. The rebound has been driven by a recovery in the residential construction sector, stronger retail spending

The likelihood of a global economic slowdown and uncertainty generated by the “War on Terror” is expected to curtail any further strong recovery in the Australian economy in the short term. Despite the strength in the sales market, the rental market is starting to become very patchy and some cities are now experiencing an oversupply of accommodation. The rental market in Sydney is deteriorating rapidly with the city’s vacancy rate increasing to 4.6%, its highest level since 1985. With interest rates forecast to remain low in the short term, the outlook for the sales market remains strong.

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The rental market is expected to remain patchy and vacancy rates may increase further in some cities. While Knight Frank has identified over 260,000sm of major leases, renewals, and pre-commitments in the September quarter, overall leasing activity is being boosted by pre- commitments to new developments and some large lease expiries.

Formation then can getfed into the financial assumptionswithin the valuation so for instance andand the the micro IP valuation modelwhich has a preference it's an incomeapproach of valuation and it's calledthe relief from royalty method it'sbasically saying if you didn't earn abrand but you had to license it fromsomeone else what sort of royalty ratewould you have to pay and then sayingbecause you own it you saving thatroyalty rate so you can almost forecastthe sails into the future and use thatroyalty rate to calculate how much yousaving each year and bring that back topresent value not now getting back tothat brand equity that quantity researchthose two brands we were looking atwhere we said one's got a higher brandequity than the other you would use thatto choose what sort of royalty rate ifyou were valuing both of those what sortof royalty rate do you.

An improvement is unlikely until the second half of 2002 when the local and international economies are forecast to strengthen again While it won’t have a lick of effect to your Melbourne property Valuations VIC itself The market is becoming increasingly patchy and there continues to be wide variation in the performance of individual shopping centres occurring in most states.

This is being reflected in the number of weak sales results and business failures. Retailer performance and profitability is still patchy, particularly amongst fashion retailers. This is being reflected in rental growth, which generally remains sluggish in most states. Business failures continue, the latest being Japanese retailer, Daimaru, who has decided to cease operations in Australia. Development activity continues at modest levels, particularly supermarket and bulky goods projects. Nonetheless, over $900m worth of major retail assets have been sold over the September quarter including the Australian Prime Property Fund’s purchase of Suncorp Metway’s portfolio of shopping centres in Queensland for $486m.

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There has been no change in yields over the quarter in all states with the better quality centres remaining firmly priced. Knight Frank has identified approximately 320,000 sm of major deals across Australia in the quarter, only 15% down on 01Q2. The performance of the industrial market is always closely correlated to the strength of the economy and the improvement in demand over the last 6 months has reflected this. Almost 200,000 sm of major pre-commitments have been recorded in the quarter, the highlight being Murray Goulburn’s new 80,000 sm facility in Melbourne

This is driving solid pre-commitment activity and is also halting rental growth in many cities. In Brisbane & Melbourne in particular, pre-commitment rents are at or below rents for existing buildings in the same areas. Every Property valuation methodology But like the office market, industrial tenants have become a little more nervous about the short term outlook for the global and Australian economy and in recent weeks have adopted a “wait & see” attitude on their short term space requirements.

Shanghai outperformed the national average, rising by 10.3%, due mainly to the rapid expansion of capital investment by US and other international companies. Despite the growing concern regarding the economic recession in the US, and the impact of the September terrorist attack, Shanghai will maintain strong economic growth and continue to attract substantial foreign investment since China entered the WTO in November 2001. New completions for the first nine months amounted to 6.75 million sm, up 29.5% from the previous year. Total transactions reached 4,209,800 sm in 2Q2001, going up by 19.55% compared with the previous quarter. With active demand, residential prices rose 2.8% compared with the first two quarters.

Average residential rents for serviced apartments in Shanghai continued to increase steadily in Q2/2001, up 2.3% compared with the same period of the previous year. 1-bedroom serviced apartments command an average monthly rental of about US$2,100, while the rent for 2-bedroom units cost $200 per month more.

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Despite the contraction in the global market, the news of China’s entry into the WTO, and rising confidence have contributed to the well being the economy. In some sub- markets, such as Hongqiao and Lu Jiazui, the rents are soft.

Property Valuations SA is talented and pressing structure for finding property’s cost and if some individual is new in this field then he ought to get a power property valuer to manage your entire structure. However, in the coming six months, more than 150,000 sm of office space will enter the market, including Ocean Tower, Ciros Plaza and United Plaza. It is also reported that the tallest building in Shanghai

Shanghai World Financial Center, funded by a group of Japanese companies, started construction this year and will be completed in 2005, providing approximately 300,000 sm of space. The absorption of Grade A office in this quarter was about 40,000 sm and the biggest deal was HSBC’s pre- commitment to 6 floors of office space in Ciros Plaza, Huangpu District, with total area exceeding 13,000 sm.

Other companies are also waiting for opportunities from the completion of new office buildings. The buyer is Rodamco Asia N.V., who acquired a completed 72,400 sm commercial complex, named POS Plaza, in Pudong New Area for the purchase price of US$166.5 million. Almost all categories of commodities managed increases in sales.

Basic commodities such as food and clothing recorded increases of 8.6% and 7.5% respectively, while Motor Vehicles and Cameras increased 92.9% and 77.3% respectively. It is forecasted that the economy will experience a recession in the following period due to the slowdown of the US economy, increasing local unemployment rate and diminishing domestic consumption.

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In view of the gloomy economic outlook, the Government has adjusted downward the expected GDP growth rate for 2001 from 3% to 1%. The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate of 5.3% for the period from July 2001 to September 2001, was higher than 4.9% for the period from June 2001 to August 2001. The number of transactions recorded in the Land Registry in July, August and September were 7,330, 7,833 and 6,734 respectively. These figures represent respective decreases of 35.7%, 31.3% and 40.9% as compared with the figures in March, which is the highest for this year. Following the 3 US interest rate cuts, the prime lending rate declined from 6.75% to 6.0% in Hong Kong from July to September 2001.

Given the depressed economic climate, the rate cuts and the accession to WTO for China will not enhance market sentiment your property’s estimation Meanwhile, the lack of activity in the leasing market can be attributed to the seasonal slowdown in demand. Rentals and prices have dipped slightly in this quarter despite the three rate cuts. The decline caused buyers and investors to be increasingly cautious, especially after the recent terrorist attack.

The sales market for mass residential remained in the doldrums though the Government announced the suspension of sales for Home Ownership Scheme flats until June 2002, and the increase in the quota of Home Purchase Loans Scheme from 4,500 to 16,500 for first- time buyers.

Neither the competitive prices offered by the developers nor the attractive mortgage packages offered by the banks could draw buyer interest. As a result, sales activity declined and the market is expected to remain quiet, as most buyers anticipate an economic recession following the US terrorist attack.

Overall, the depressed economic climate will continue to dampen sales market with activity concentrating on mortgagee in possession properties. The interest rate lowered to a historical record level, could not uplift the economy.

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The fees required to conduct the property valuation process should get discussed before the property valuer starts working on the process of valuation of Property valuation This will help you to avoid the loss of extra fees paying to your appointed property valuer in the future when the process will be finished.

However, the market is still suffering from the weak local consumer confidence in short term. Nevertheless, the average yield of shops reached 7–9.5%. The office market which was stable in the first two quarters in 2001, started moving downwards from the third quarter for both sales and leasing. The take-up rate rose throughout this quarter because of satisfactory performance among Grade B offices. Due to economic uncertainty, users prefered to relocate their operations to Grade B office buildings, which are spacious and less expensive.

On the other hand, the interest-rate reduction from 6.75% to 6% in the third quarter, stimulated the office sales market. Investors chose Grade B offices because of superior yields, lower prices, and because that category was in greater demand from end users. Over ten Grade B office en-bloc sales were recorded in this quarter such as Guangdong Building (HK$28,643 psm) and Cheong Kin Commercial Building (HK$37,932 psm).

The burst of the IT bubble and global economic slowdown, further depressed the market. Looking forward, it is expected that both the sales and leasing markets will remain sluggish, as the uncertain external economic environment and the terrorist attack in the US have dampened investor sentiment. a) Flatted Factories The Town Planning Board (TPB) issued a new set of practice notes on 17 July 2001 that expanded the scope of uses permitted in buildings zoned “Industrial” to include IT and Telecommunication industries, subject to payment of a waiver fee.

During the last quarter, the US Government announced a series of unsatisfactory trading statistics, shocking the local export industry. All investment plans were shelved as the industry was expected to face hard times. This translated into a sharp drop in both sales volume and average prices.

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With a total GFA of 10,465 sm, the unit rate reached HK$7,645 psm. Only a few leasing deals were transacted in the quarter at an average monthly rent of HK$130 psm to HK$160 psm. The demand for storage space is expected to shrink in the near future due to the gloomy industrial sector and export industry. Property valuation controls This is due to the recessionary trends in the country and the shadow of the ongoing war. The bearish sentiment in the stock market is having an impact on the property market.

On the one hand, several stock brokers and organisations from the financial sector have stalled their expansion plans, while on the other hand individual investors and institutions have started investing in property as a defense against possible capital erosion in the stock markets. Following the terrorist attacks in the US, companies such as America Online have postponed their entry into the Indian market. Also various tourism related companies have stalled their expansion plans. However, the Telecom, Insurance and Pharmaceutical sectors continue to generate good demand in the country.

Occupancy rates in these alternative locations have improved. Bharti Broadband purchased 2,322 sm located in Malad and Bharti Telecom purchased 2,787 sm in Parel. These transactions have taken place at Rs. 3,680 and 57,049/sm respectively.

IBM has leased 5,574 sm in Bandra Kurla Complex while Orange has taken up approximately 9,290 sm at Peninsula Chambers in Lower Parel at a rental rate of Rs.237/sm per month. Rental rates remain firm, while yields are improving, thereby attracting investors in the form of Financial Institutions, high net worth individuals and trusts.

The inflow of supply from new projects has reduced as most developers await the filling up of any unoccupied developments. Meanwhile, the Tata Group is nearing completion of the second phase of their premium development, Technopolis, in Andheri (East). This will bring in approximately 5,570 sm of quality supply into the market. Also 18,580 sm of quality space at Mindspace, Malad will be released by December 2001.

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The Insurance Sector, which was recently privatised has been performing well. Private Insurance companies, which started operations in the beginning of this year are entering a fresh round of expansion across the country. For example, Dabur CGU recently took up 1,394 sm in Delhi, Royal Sundaram took up 743 sm in Bangalore while Tata AIG took office space totaling 1,393 sm at three more locations in Mumbai – Fort, Worli and Bandra.

The Insurance Sector, IT enabled services such as call centres and data centres are likely to maintain their healthy growth patterns. Medical Transcription is likely to be the other growth area in the coming years. The retail sector in Mumbai is set to take off in the next 18 months. The retail se Over 186,000 sm of organised retail space is expected to enter the Mumbai market in the next 2 years.ctor in Mumbai is set to take off in the next 18 months.

Retail rentals, which form a huge portion of the total costs of a retailer in Mumbai, have stabilized. Several major real estate developers in Mumbai are setting up retail developments. The Piramal Group, is coming up with a second Crossroads having an area of 7,430 sm at Nariman Point. The Land Mark Group’s mall is expected to begin operations by November 2001 in Bandra. The anchor tenant for this establishment is Shoppers’ Stop occupying 3,250 sm of space. This will be the retailer’s third outlet in Mumbai.

The Ajmera Group’s CitiMall with an area of 7,430 sm on Link Road is expected to start operations by the end of 2001. This mall will house a multiplex cinema hall run by Adlabs Films. Another mall taking shape on Link Road is the E-City mall, an E-City (Essel Group) venture.